What is Kingdom?
Kingdom is a devops and sysadmin
cloud platform for every organization.

Cloud infrastructure is an essential way to bring servers, networks and applications together.

As data storage and application infrastructure becomes more complex, it can become difficult to manage all of the various devices, locations, and users to properly deploy and track IT resources. This goes against the cloud's mission to support a flexible and highly scalable platform for organizations managing a rapidly growing number of devices.

Kingdom solves the problem of complex infrastructure and storage locations by providing centralized software to flexibly manage legacy on-premise machine or data center storage and servers at once on the cloud. In other words, it is a solution for cloud services that integrates networks, storage, servers, virtualization, and operating systems into one.

Kingdom builds a castle for the DevOps King to remotely rule the actual PCs, on-prem servers, and cloud computing that make up the current enterprise infrastructure. With Kingdom, VM and cloud orchestration can be automated and managed with just one tool. Kingdom is the turnkey infrastructure of choice for the discriminating leader.

How Kingdom Began

There are many cloud infra tools on the market, and in many cases DevOps or Sysadmins use a combination of products, switching back and forth between monitoring platform vendors to deployment platform vendors to individual cloud providers.

When a company is operating 100% efficiently, and every team communicates project roadmaps in advance, we fully admit that Kingdom is unnecessary. Unfortunately, such a situation is a beautiful dream; for the rest of us, Kingdom provides a very simple solution for the everyday inefficiencies that lie between software developers, project managers, and DevOps.

Kingdom offers a total cloud solution that makes it easy to meet your architecturally significant requirements (ASRs), e.g., deployability, monitorability, scalability, and budgetability. In Kingdom, you can easily deploy new VMs or applications and monitor CPU or memory resources in as little as 5 minutes of setup. Reduce the frustration of having to learn 10 different command interfaces for managing infrastructure.

Make your IT subjects happy by reducing repetitive, boring maintenance and get back to the business of making money. From engineering to security to operation, Kingdom makes everything easier.

How Kingdom Works

Kingdom builds castles on servers and VMs. These castles manage various application resources, such as CPU, network, disk, executable files, and memory, and create towers to track internal processes. Each tower controls critical services such as deployment, security and access control, storage, and VM management.


Kingdom Architecture

Kingdom is hardware and infra-agnostic. The charm of Kingdom is that it can manage any infrastructure environment from a single screen, including legacy servers, virtual machines, and public clouds.

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    The 'castle' is Kingdom management built into a single unit (per OS) holding the towers that manage all Kingdom processes (network, functions, security, etc.). In essence, the castle provides visibility and control of all levels of networks and servers by managing the OS where the castle is installed, including basic infrastructure operations such as networking and applications.

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    Each 'tower' handles critical services such as deployment, process control, storage, and VM control. Towers are configured with a microservices architecture (MSA), which enable users to combine the services they need into one castle. Additionally, towers can be used to protect and manage the host with services like running the network (BPS, PPS, F/W), access management, and resource management (CPU, Mem, Disk, etc.), and file logs. Towers are built to run a single process and can be customized based on user requirements.

Services can be managed across the entire network at the castle / capital level. Create multiple castles to view servers, applications, and other services, or take an assembly line approach to following infrastructure framework best practices. Towers can be operated quickly and easily. Each tower is responsible for controlling a main service, and different combinations of towers work together to create new automations and functions.

With Kingdom, you gain the advantage of completely integrated environments by linking with EMS, SMS, and NMS management solutions. Kingdom can also be connected to existing software, reducing engineer pain points and making daily tasks more convenient for users. Kingdom intuitively enables non-experts to gain workload insights and easily deploy applications. It frees DevOps from burdensome rule enforcement and access requests to focus on continuous delivery pipelines and building automation frameworks for the future.

Simplify complex infrastructure and reduce costs with Kingdom

Setup so simple, even complex operations can be run by casual users. Kingdom increases collaboration between departments with better visibility into resource monitoring, security, and automation.

Kingdom is the ultimate throne for DevOps and engineers who want to improve development efficiency and resource usage for cost prediction and reduction in hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

In addition, Kingdom follows a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework methodology. According to Gartner, “By 2024, at least 40% of enterprises will have a strategy for adopting SASE. On the other hand, not even 1% of enterprises had a SASE strategy at the end of 2018.” With cloud-based infra and a zero-trust security model, Kingdom reduces vendor complexity by combining a solution for the needs of today and tomorrow in a single platform.

Key Features

  • Cloud Infrastructure Resources

    The Standard for Resource Management

    Intuitive resource management system for today's complex infrastructure

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      Workload Optimization

      View all castle information from any server and workstation. Control and monitor the status of resource usage such as CPU, memory, network, and disk I/O.

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      Quick Recovery

      Create rules to send notifications when a server or application workload fails. Anomaly detection provides a protective layer against accidents and malicious actions.

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      Service Tracking

      Kingdom makes developers and user collaboration easy. To prevent critical errors, usage by user and location is trackable, enabling complete application tracing.

  • Deployment

    The Standard for Server and Application Deployment

    The applications you want are only limited by your imagination.

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      Amateur-Configurable Setup

      It's now easier to scale up or launch applications. Any server, workstation or container can be set up with a 5-minute deployment process.

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      On-Demand Deployment

      No need to rely solely on DevOps for test environments. For application performance and quality testing, developers can set up their own VMs.

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      Deployment is now possible from one control center for either workstations or new cloud servers. Commands can be sent in bulk to all castles, saving time on patches and updates.

  • Access Management

    The Standard for Port and Proxy Access Security

    Strong firewalls and port controls are the heart of the infrastructure security.

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      Zero Trust

      Apply company-wide rulesets. Whitelist or blacklist IPs, users, proxies or applications, and easily approve or reject all incoming connection requests.

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      Capital Fail-Safe

      Make changes only to pre-approved services. Improve system-wide infra reliability by detecting and blocking changes anywhere outside of capitals.

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      Rule migration is now simplified. To prevent errors at launch, existing Gate Tower rulesets are automatically applied to all newly added deployments.

  • Alerts

    The Standard for Centralized Notifications

    Notifications can give more than visibility they also bring insights into future actions.

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      Root Cause Analysis

      Deep resource monitoring advises the user of the frequency and time of infra problems. Quick cause analysis makes it possible to take rapid action to correct issues.

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      Systematic Notification Settings

      Customize alarm levels and notification settings for each user. Create notifications and alarms by user, time, date, location, cycle, service, and more.

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      Convenient Alert Migration

      The alarm and notification rules are integrated and applied to towers without additional setup. Choose to apply existing notification rules when deploying new servers or workstations.

In all standard Kingdom packages, access rights can be set through the Identity Management System. Additionally, status information of each tower can be downloaded as Excel or CSV files.

Kingdom Add-ons

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    Automatic Action and Recovery

    Get uninterrupted service with minimal manual intervention.

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      Auto Scale-Out/Scale-In

      Automatically scale out services when resources reach predefined thresholds.

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      Automatic Restart

      Kingdom is automatically restarted when a critical service displays abnormal behavior.

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    File Management

    Gain infra insights with detailed file analysis.

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      Event logging

      Automatic logging of file changes and user access history.

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      Loss Prevention

      Automatically backup file versions to recover information lost during accidental file changes.

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    Advanced Security

    Protect infra against malicious behavior.

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      Threat Detection

      Detect unauthorized access and get notifications.

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      Threat Intelligence

      Track user behavior and provide alerts when anomalous behavior is detected.

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      Threat Protection

      Advanced 2-step security authorization checks when executing applications.

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    Asset Management

    Get complete visibility into the status of all assets.

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      Asset Purchase History

      Confirm constituent resources and status of every asset across an entire organization.

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      License Management

      Receive notifications of license and termm expirations for easy renewal.

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      History Management

      See the history of any asset problems, failures, and issues per custom period.

Kingdom offers the necessary tools for effective and efficient infrastructure orchestration.
Kingdom is compatible with the IT assets you already have and use on a daily basis
providing a path to your digital transformation for the future
Combined with SDT Cloud, Kingdom can manage your servers, hardware and edge computing devices
in one solution.
Less complex infrastructure and deployment systems paves the way for productive departments. Defeat your enemies and make your infrastructure finally work for you. With Kingdom, hybrid and multi-cloud are really this simple.